I shall declare to you the essence of all wisdom. Listen and let it perfume your whole life. "Bondage is the craving for pleasure and its abandonement is liberation"

What else is left of a greedy man except a handful of ashes? But, he who looks upon the world as less valuable than a blade of grass never comes to grief.

Wealth is the mother of evil. Sense pleasure is the source of pain. Misfortune is the best fortune. Rejection by all is victory!!

That which generates attachment and craving in the fool, generates detachment and cool indifference in the wise.

If from moment to moment your mind dwells on what is and drops it effortlessly at once, the mind becomes no-mind, full of purity.

O sorrow, salutations to you; you spurred me on my quest for self knowledge, it is by your grace that I have attained this self knowledge; hence you are indeed the bestower of delight.

O mother craving! Give me leave to go; you are now left alone to wither away, becuase I have reached the state of supreme peace. O lust! in order to conquer you I befriended your enemy "dispassion"; forgive me, I proceed to freedom, bless me!

Equanimity is sweetness itself and this sweetness is beyond the senses and the mind. Whatever is touched by that equanimity instantly becomes sweet.

The delight derived from sensual experience is fleeting. A repetition of that experience does not afford the repetition of the same delight. Who but a fool will entertain desire for sucha momentary joy?

If you cling to this ever changing phenomenon called the world, you will surely perish in sorrow.

"who am I?" this enquiry is the fire in which the very seed and roots of the tree known as the mind are burnt completly.

Rest in the self as if you are deaf, dumb and blind!!

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    bhaw said...

    Loka samasta sukhino bhawantu

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  2. Harsha Vardhan M.V said...

    amazing post bhaiya :) !!
    looking forward to more quotes

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  4. komal said...

    thanks so much rashmin bhaiya.. these also seem to be the most impactful quotes from yog vashistafor me and also the last one happens to be my favourite....JGD...

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  8. Anonymous said...

    The knowledge that repetition will bring lesser joy is helpful in being dispassionate.

    Nice !!!

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  10. Anonymous said...

    JGD Dear Rashmin,
    Thanks for the INSPIRATION!

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  14. Anonymous said...

    very nice

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  16. Anonymous said...

    Pronams, Sir. You are blessed by God and Gurus.

    ~ Hairakhan

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