We keep getting lot of E mail forwards. Some really good, some ok and some an utter waste of time. I would like to share with you one of the best I received just a few days ago. Its a Speech delivered By Mr Subroto Baghchi, CEO Mind Tree to the class of 2006 at IIM Bangalore defining success.

Here are a few parts of the speech.

My mother used to take ash from the chullah and mix it with the earth and plant seedlings. This time when they bloomed, the neighbours asked her why she was taking so much pain to beautify a Government house? My mother replied it did not matter to her that she would not see the flowers in full bloom.She said," I have to create a bloom in a desert and whenever I am given a new place, I must leave it more beautiful than what I had inherited".

That was the first lesson in success," It is not about what you create for yourself, it is about what you leave behind that defines success".

Imagination is everything. If we can imagine a future, we can create it. If we can create it, others can live in it. This is the essence of success.

The safdurjung Hospital is a cockroach infected dirty place. The over-worked under resourced sisters are victims of de-humanized life at its worst. One morning attending to my father i realized that the blood bottle was empty. Fearing that air would get into his blood I summoned the sister to do the needful. she very rudely asked me to do it myself. In that horrible theater of death I was in pain, frustration and anger. Finally when she relented and came my father opened his eyes and murmured to her," why have you not gone home yet?" here was a man on his deathbed more concerned about the overworked nurse. I was stunned at his stoic self.

I learnt that there is no limit of how concerned you can be for another human being. Success is your ability to rise above your discomfort whatever be your current state.

Two years at the age of 82 my mother had a paralytic stroke. I flew down from US and spent two weeks with her. She was neither getting better nor moving on. I had to leave back to work. while leaving her behind I kissed her face. Int he paralytic state and garbled voice she said," why are you kissing me? Go kiss the world!"

At the confluence of life and death a woman whose life was crowned by adversity was asking her son to go and kiss the world!.

Success is about giving back to life more than you can take. It is about creating extraordinary success with ordinary lives!!


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I am sure nobody can make nothing out of this title. But you know? everything is connected. Its something really weird which can make you wonder only if you dont make an attempt to understand. Its a interesting story I heard and felt honoured to be a part of it. It comes in the category of "Cant but share". So here it is.

Mr Hugo, the chief of a refugee camp in Hol, Norway was sleeping. As he was sleeping he saw a dream. In the dream he saw a photo of man wearing white clothes, with a beard and long hair and had absolutely no idea who He was. But then there was a old typewriter just in front of the photo which automatically started typing out the words" Sri Sri Ravi Shankar".

Just after the typewriter had done its job, Mr Hugo got up and immediately googled the name and soon was reading through the AOL website. That same evening he attended an Intro talk with his wife and did the Part1 course and three weeks later the part 2 course. As he was totally convinced about the benefits of the techniques he organised a course for all the 40 refugees in his camp!

Last week we conducted the course and it was a great experience for all of us. We had a fantastic team. We had khonia ( she is from Iran living in norway), Amjad (From pakistan living in Denmark), Motten and Bryn from Denmark and Marius from Norway. We had a tough time and it was really challenging to handle them. Since they all came from a very difficult background and with a traumatic past.

It was not easy to keep a smile and to be gentle all the time but as every day passed we could see how beautifully the unseen energy was at work. Their faces started glowing. On of the guys after sudarshan kriya said, "its like being born again. thank you so much". another guy said, " I cant describe this experience in words".

The smiles and number of thank yous kept on increasing and finally they started saying, "we will miss you". On the last day it was just joy, gratefulness and love.

We learnt a lot. We learnt to be patient. I have no idea in the last one week how many times I said the words,"accept people as they are" to myself. I have realised that the job of the teacher is "to let Him do His job" and this needs to be remembered again and again and again every time the small mind interferes with the unseen.

The magic of love binds everyone together - Sri Sri.


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How can you say something like this? This one thought can give us sleepless nights. How many times in our life has this thought taken away our peace of mind? how many times someone said something and all of a sudden our heads started boiling and we started behaving like half lunatics on a full moon night.

A few negative words from someone and many a times in this beautiful world it has triggerred the worst fights and has provoked people into commiting the most gruesome acts of violence.

Q: What should we do when people talk negatively?

Guruji : From your side give license to everybody to talk about anything, about anybody, anywhere at any time.

Wow! Thats it. A sure shot path to freedom. Our problem is, we very stubbornly hold on to the license and refuse to give it to just somebody to talk about something, about somebody, somewhere at sometime.

We have our own reasons to get upset about some specific people in our life talking about something in particular and that too to somebody in particular.

Giving away this license to the whole world, to every single person we know and we dont know, would give us the greatest Peace we all are looking for.

What do you say?


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" Oh great! its only minus 4, its warm today!!" imagine me saying this. It takes just two days of minus 15 for an Indian to say that. With all that sparkling white snow all over the place it relly looks very very pretty. But minus 15 is something that gets even too much for the Norwegians here.

Sunshine on the sparkling white snow! took this pic from the window of my room in Anjulas house.

He is Willhelm the tallest guy I ever taught..

The rest of the yesplusites...Magnus, Paul and michel

Snowfall!! looks very nice and you can really enjoy once you get used to the cold.

Today its pretty hot..its minus 2.


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First it was a 5 hour train journey from Baroda to Mumbai and then a 8 hour flight till Frankfurt and then a 8 hour halt in Frankfurt and then again a 2 hour flight to Oslo. I am a full time traveling teacher and such long journeys cannot be avoided. But now there is nothing to worry since I have found the greatest companion. MR P G WODEHOUSE.

"Aunts arent Gentlemen", 'Cocktail Party" and "Uncle Fred in Springtime". I have carried 3 P G wodehouses with me and now after this journey I have decided that in this lifetime I will never ever travel without him. For those of you who dont know P G Wodehouse, he is the best comic writer ever. He was also known as the greatest musician of the English Language. Apart from being the cleverest plotter and side-splittingly funny His characterization and description of every situation to its minutest detail just speaks volumes about an exceptional ability of observation of the human mind and behaviour he must have had.

The originality of his sense of Humour is what sets him apart in a class of his own. Whenever you are all alone but you have one of those books in your hand you are very close to happiness.

He has written more than 90 books. Each book can easily be read atleast thrice. So all my travel for this lifetime has been taken care of.

In one of his books Uncle fred with a catapult and a Brazil nut knocks off the hat of a barrister named Sir Raymond bastable, a very respectable but arrogant man. Here is a typical P G Wodehouse description of this character. The sentences are always long and a bit heavy but once you get used to it you can very easily get addicted to it.

" There may have been men in London who thought more highly of Sir Raymond bastable than did Sir Raymond bastable, but they would have been hard to find, and the sense of being someone set apart and superior to the rest of the world inevitably breeds arrogance. Sir Raymonds attitude towards his sister, phoebe, who kept house for him and was reduced by him to a blob of tearful jelly almost daily- was always that of an irritable tribal God who intends to stand no nonsense from his worshipers and is prepared, should the smoked offering fall short of the highest standard, to say it with Thunderbolts. To have his hat knocked off with a brazil nut would, in Uncle Freds opinion, make him a better, deeper, more lovable man."

For people who are not so used to reading, reading P G Wodehouse would be like listening to classical music. It takes time to discover a taste for it but once you start liking you cant live without it.


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