Hello everyone! My wordpress blog wwww.yesplus.in/rashmin has been hacked. Lost all the posts that were posted since the blog moved.

I will be posting here regularly from now on.

Jai Gurudev


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Clinging on to hope. Hoping for some great joy in the future. Even as I write this I can see that something in my mind that says once I am done with writing this post I will get closer to where I want to be. May be even as you are reading this you are unconsciously hurrying to read the next line as you read this one.

What are we waiting for? what are we hoping for? Hope binds us to the future. Hope that something else, something more will give me some great joy. Hopelessness is freedom. Hopelessness is Peace. Hopelessness is joy.

Nothing will give me joy. Nothing other than hopelessness.



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This is one of my Favourite photo of Guruji. Really inspires me to go within.

Question: Guruji whenever I see you I start running after you. Is this devotion or lack of self respect?

Guruji: In the beginning you run, its ok. But then you should learn to stop and look within. Dive deep within yourself then I will run after you and the whole world will run after you.

We can have dasrhan(vision) of either the Guru or/and the Guru tatva( element) which is all pervading. Practically it is impossible for Guruji to be with all of us all the time but the experience of Guru Tatva can happen anytime anywhere.

We have to keep our Focus on the Guru Tatva. The more we empty our minds of all the trash, offering everything as it comes at the feet of the master the more we experience the non changing, eternal, all pervading aspect of our self. Sooo ham!

The ultimate desire, the ultimate goal.

Jai Gurudev!

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At the very sight of pleasure the mind gets excited and the restlessness begins. The first step is, as soon as the tendency arises, recognizing it. Its like saying," Caught you dear, now lets consciously decide in which direction to move; inside or outside".

Here are some tips to move within. Basically its a compilation of all that Guruji has spoken at different times and whatever I have read in Yoga Vasistha and of course whatever experiences I have had through my own self effort.

1. Wondering at the aspirations of the mind and seeing it as a joke. Playing with it.

2. Remembering the end. Remembering the pain. Remembering the fall. How much misery has caused every time I have followed my feelings and my cravings. What have I got in return? How long do I intend to continue moving in circles on a not so merry go round.

3. Following an Example. Remembering the Master. HIS love, compassion, grace. Aiming for the highest. Ultimately just offering the desires to the Master.

4. Knowing that the discomfort created (by a feeling that, “ am I missing something?”) during the state of withdrawing the mind is much less than the pain created by unconscious indulgence.

5. If the wave seems to be so big and strong just imagine how much more bigger the ocean would be? If the manifestation is so intense how much more intense the source would be? Inspiring the mind to come back. Creating a temptation to go within and at the same time trivializing its pleasure-seeking tendency.

All this is lot of fun. I am really enjoying the challenge and grateful to see how the unseen energy guides me on every step.


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The mind is ruthless and unbelievably consistent. The moment you experience freedom and joy it will bring about a new thought, concern or an issue and thats it! once again we find ourselves struggling to be free. That is why I have made my intention, my goal very clear. It can be just put in three words ," KILL the MIND".

Encouraging the outward flow of the mind strengthens it. The illusion of joy being outside becomes more concrete and as a result misery in life multiplies. Experience of joy is only momentary and we suffer from total instability.

Having the readiness and the skill to keep withdrawing the mind from the object of the senses back to the source is something that has to be learnt. Even if the external trigger is incredibly beautiful and tempting, Withdrawing the mind and fixing the attention inside again and again and again is of absolute importance. If you fail a million times make the attempt once more. Yoga Vasistha says "Every zealous effort is crowned with fruition".

One pointed focus on fixing my attention on the seven energy centers is considered to be the most sure way of becoming free. Too much analysis of external causes is a complete waste of time. Observing the effect within is the way to freedom.

Every time the mind craves for a pleasant experience. Smile at it, gently pull it back, using whatever skill to re install it in your heart. Burn the tendencies of the mind in the fire of awareness.

There are some tips about " how to gently withdraw the mind" which I will write about in the next post next Tuesday.


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