At the very sight of pleasure the mind gets excited and the restlessness begins. The first step is, as soon as the tendency arises, recognizing it. Its like saying," Caught you dear, now lets consciously decide in which direction to move; inside or outside".

Here are some tips to move within. Basically its a compilation of all that Guruji has spoken at different times and whatever I have read in Yoga Vasistha and of course whatever experiences I have had through my own self effort.

1. Wondering at the aspirations of the mind and seeing it as a joke. Playing with it.

2. Remembering the end. Remembering the pain. Remembering the fall. How much misery has caused every time I have followed my feelings and my cravings. What have I got in return? How long do I intend to continue moving in circles on a not so merry go round.

3. Following an Example. Remembering the Master. HIS love, compassion, grace. Aiming for the highest. Ultimately just offering the desires to the Master.

4. Knowing that the discomfort created (by a feeling that, “ am I missing something?”) during the state of withdrawing the mind is much less than the pain created by unconscious indulgence.

5. If the wave seems to be so big and strong just imagine how much more bigger the ocean would be? If the manifestation is so intense how much more intense the source would be? Inspiring the mind to come back. Creating a temptation to go within and at the same time trivializing its pleasure-seeking tendency.

All this is lot of fun. I am really enjoying the challenge and grateful to see how the unseen energy guides me on every step.


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    DD said...

    wow! really insightful! heartfelt gratitude for sharing!


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  2. DD said...

    i loved the 5. point and sure am going to use it again and again to bring the mind back in!


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  4. looking within said...

    Jgd it's not so easy for me..But I need this right now. Thank you..

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  6. Anjesh Thakur said...


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  8. Anjesh Thakur said...

    Caught my mind too :)

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  10. Gautam said...

    "If the wave seems to be so big and strong just imagine how much more bigger the ocean would be? If the manifestation is so intense how much more intense the source would be?" -Wow! What a revolutionary thought!Really very helpful.

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  12. pankaj said...


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  14. Krishna said...

    great post bhaiya...very useful for young restless minds like us...but tell me something...just out of curiosity want to ask this..
    U are married now..will u not consummate ur married life?that is also a desire of the mind do u deal with dat??
    (hope the question is not too personal to answer)

  15. ... on August 5, 2010 at 7:42 PM  
  16. Rashmin said...

    Hi krishna,
    This is only about dealing with feverishness. One can experience pleasure in the world with or without craving for it. spirituality is not against enjoying the world as such. It just teaches you to drop the craving.


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  18. sandeep said...

    Dear Bhaiya,
    All said and done.. but it still is not that very easy :(.. although, when you win over your senses, you feel a great peace and bliss.. but then again after a few days, the wave of restlessness and cravings comes and mind flips 'out' and then you start feeling miserable and low.. then after a few days, again 'in' and then again 'out' and all this just goes on.. :(

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  20. Anonymous said...

    Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................

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  22. Jaishree said...

    My God! This is so appropriate for me right now!

    I've been feeling like a total fool. But this small shift will make a huge difference :)

    Thanks a bunch!

  23. ... on August 8, 2010 at 2:44 PM  
  24. Krishna said...

    point taken bhaiya..enjoy if u really have to...but drop the craving and the feverishness for the pleasure...guess that is how u wud REALLY enjoy it...


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  26. Krishna said...

    one more thing bhaiya..after I had read ur posts on Yoga Vashishtha, i wanted to get it and start reading..but somehow something kept me away from it...but i finally got The Book yesterday and will start reading from Bawa has also said, even if I do not understand a thing I would read...atleast a page a day...thanx a lot :)

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  28. Manish said...

    bhaiya... this is very beautiful
    thanks for sharing!!

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  30. avadhesh said...

    that's really wonderfulllllllll

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  32. Amarja said...

    This is so nicely put. Hits home a point. :)

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