INDIA! The mother of spirituality, A home to millions, the oldest civilization, the country with its infinitely deep roots of tradition and culture and a phenomenal understanding of Human mind and human values. A beautiful land with beautiful people.

So many conflicts, corruption and poverty but I am still utterly Grateful for the fact that I was born in India. What makes it great? what makes it withstand all the problems that it is facing since years? of course its spiritual heritage..Thousands of years of meditation done by thousands of the greatest beings ever born on this planet has created that indestructible energy, such high prana in the whole environment that there is no problem that can ever defeat this nation.

The country which is the birth place of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, even if it only dreamt of Him is sure to reach the heights of success and prosperity in the near future.
It continues and will continue to shine in all its glory and also teach the whole world the true meaning of humanness.

Being an Indian means nothing but living that Indianness. What does that mean?

This is what it means (according to me)

1. Fighting with your neighbour and then talking to that same neighbour the very next day as if nothing has happened.

2. Standing in queues for hours and shouting very loudly at every unsuspecting individual whom you think is trying to ghusofy ( insert himself) in the same queue much ahead of you.

3. When you were a child you felt that Amitabh bachhan could do "ANYTHING".

4. You may not exchange plastic smiles with strangers but you live and die for your family and close friends.

5. You get used to everything and anything...from mosquitoes to terrorism. Nothing can beat you down.

6. You over eat ... everyday, and you love to feed people... even if they are full.

7. You love people. You have a very small house and yet you keep inviting all of them all the time.

8. With objects of absolutely any shape or size you can immediately start playing a game of cricket.

9. You have a "family doctor" and he first asks about the health of all the other members of your family before he looks for what is wrong in you. He comes to your house even at 2 in the morning in case there is an emergency.

10. You invite " EVERYBODY " to your wedding.

11. The sense of sharing is ingrained in your DNA. You share everything, your house, food, clothes, utensils, umbrellas, recipes, bank accounts, credit cards, etc etc.

12.You suffer from an inferiority complex if you are not good at bargaining.

13. You have an exceptionally strong faith in at least one of the 32 million deities. Your Faith is your strength and it takes you through all the hard blows of life.

14. You like movies that make you cry.

15. If you get married then most likely death is the only thing that can set you apart.

16. You love to eat, sing, dance and celebrate.

17. You have many friends: School friends, Junior college friends, senior college friends, tuition friends, coaching class friends, swimming/dancing/singing/drawing class friends, Building friends, office friends, local train friends, bus stop friends and the list is endless.

and finally

" You miss India whenever you are traveling or staying abroad no matter where you are and how comfortable or happy? you think you are. If you dont, then you have lost something very precious, that is the " Indianness ". You need to come back!


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Congratulations to the stavenger team! ( refer to the post " perfect weekend, part 1. I have introduced most of them in that post). On Tuesday we just finished with the biggest yes!+ course in Scandinavia with 50 people.

They had set a target of 50 and they got exactly 50 people. Now that is really something! It was a fantastic course but unfortunately in our excitement we forgot to take a group photo on the last day and also felt quite stupid about it.

It was a great experience and it was once again evident that when we work together in a team with a strong sankalpa nothing is impossible.

I had just finished a fantastic course in Oslo. A lot of these people are learning Vegetarian cooking from Anjula (Idas Mom)and Ida.

the last day in oslo


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Step 1: Become defenseless. Let stuff come up. With arms open embrace all that comes.

Step 2: Realise everything is changing. Accept the unpleasantness and just play with it like a child.

Step 3: Observe the cause... the craving for pleasure.

Step 4: Offer it to the Master.

At every step remember the MASTER. Guru Smaran (remembrance of the master)is the most powerful tool. Integrating HIM in every aspect of life. Moment to moment. Again and again and again.

Guruji says, "When you offer everything you become GOD".


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If you remember Guruji asked for a birthday gift this year. He said he wants all of us to realise how beautiful we are. "Satyam Shivam Sundaram...

The purpose of all beauty in creation is to somehow get you back to your source and make you realise that you are so so so beautiful!

I had the privilege of experiencing the most amazing boat ride ever. It was like meditating with eyes open..


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This is kgeragbolten (pronounced as sheragbolten) That is Amazing! A huge bolder stuck between two huge mountains, 1000 meters above the ground.


Yes! Thats me. 1000 meters off the ground. The first and the last time ever I would be sitting on that Rock. I would never do it again nor do I recommend it to anyone. It was really a brick shitting experience.

Shivering breath, trembling feet just at the thought that I am just one slip away from death. The path on to the rock was even more dangerous. You had to take one step on a very small extended rock big enough only for one step and then go on to the other side! All that you can see is a deep valley 1000 meters deep....still, dark green water and the sound of a water fall adding to the scary effect.

It was quite different from the jumping point in Rishikesh where the fear is only imaginary. But it was amazing how the other Norwegian guys were so cool about the whole thing as you can see in this photo.

This was the time I thought I was dead!

Thats Eric who is holding me. It was because of him I dared to do this stunt. He seemed pretty much cool on top of it.

It was an hour long boat ride and then 2.5 hr trek up to that rock. Its considered to be the most beautiful place on earth. I have clicked some amazing photos which I would publish in the next post. They are really really really beautiful.


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