Its amazing to see the universality of the knowledge of the self. In the last satsang I attended with Swami Suryapada, He said that a Rishi was known as Mantra drishtas which means, they used to acquire the knowledge about any one aspect of the universe as a vision during meditations and the knowledge used to manifest in the form of a mantra.

So the entire Sanatana( eternal) Dharma (that which upholds) is basically a compilation of all the knowledge acquired by thousands of Rishis since the last thousands of years. It is not a Truth proclaimed and declared by a single Prophet during a specific time in history.

As an Art of Living teacher I am amazed as to how the experience of mediation and the knowledge has such a profound effect on every sincere seeker who participates with an open mind. As of now I am working in Gujarat and Norway. Two completely different cultures with hardly any similarities and yet its so nice to see the same smiling faces and the same twinkle in the eye after an Yes!+ course. That same feeling of belongingness and a connectedness that cuts across all barriers of religion, nationality, intellectual orientation, family backgrounds, education etc etc.

For the first time I went to a place called shegao, a small village near Akola where my wife, Priyanka was teaching courses while I was in Norway. We had a fantastic session that once again re emphasised the fact that as humnans all that we want is to celebrate life as a one world family.


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