HI! I am Rashmin, also known as little pu. I teach Art of living courses. I am happy because i have no choice and as you keep reading this blog you will know more about me. There are thousands of reasons why I have created this blog. I would not like to tell all of them right now in my first post precisely because of two reasons. 1. Would be too long. 2. I dont know any of them.

When you have a Guru Like Sri Sri Ravishankar life is always happening; full of exciting stories and thrilling experiences. Its like living in a fantasy world of almost complete uncertainty. Every new thing that starts happening in life almost always has to take you through a maddening roller coaster and then miraculously culminates into the most incredibly happy ending you ever imagined. Sometimes it just takes time to realise that the way it ended was the best for you. By now i am quite used to the happy endings and have really started enjoying the roller coasters.

This is the place where you will read about the roller coasters and of course also the happy endings. Wow! i got the first reason. 999 to go. Happy reading.


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