Yesterday was the first day of the Yes!+ Winter break program. It was a perfect beginning, gently showing off a glimpse of what is in store for the 800 plus strong yes!+ graudates who have travelled from all over the world to be here to celebrate the New year a bit differently from the rest of the world.

Yesterday we had a perfect satsang in the ashram led by Vikram Hazra the great, and the latest upcoming singing star Ambarish.

Right from the second bhajan the satsang hit the roof. It was amazing to see the way Vikram conducts a bhajan. He is so creative, has his own distinct style of singing and gives every song he sings his own unique "Vikram touch". Conducting a satsang is not just about good singing but being sensitive about the kind of energy present in the environment and choosing bhajans accordingly and singing them accordingly.Only a few can manage this and out of that only a few can do it consistently.

According to me a Satsang is perfect when its a blend of power packed Shiva bhajans, Sublime devi bhajans, devotional Guru bhajans and blissfully joyful krishna bhajans. Of course with vikram around you also get a couple of meaningful and melodious English songs in between. A satsang has achieved its purpose when it leaves you joyful and at the same time longing for more.

We sang, danced, cried in gratitude and meditated.

Thanks to Vikram who has achieved excellence in the way he plays the guitar, sings and conducts a satsang.


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    deepa said...

    JGD Rashimji...The satsang u mean was that held on sunday ..rt??Yes very true..I was there.It was really really amazing.Wht an energy!!!I just couldn't stop my tear during the Krishna song.Had been to a differnt world.Thanks Vikramji!

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  2. nimisha said...

    Perfect description! I was thinking on similar lines this past weekend after having attended one here. I haven't had that wonderful opportunity to sit in satsangs entirely led by Vikram yet. I have listened to his live performance CDs though. Yes, Vikram does have that beautiful blend.

    Wow! there are 800+ for the Winter Break?? A couple of folks I know from US are there too.. Lucky them!

    Ashram must be waiting for Guruji to be back now.. Can u pls throw some light on how to handle the longing? As precious and sweet it is, it is upsetting :(


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  4. Sakshi Batra said...


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  6. Akhilesh said...

    Vikram is simply sublime!

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  8. venu said...

    Longing is looking out for some thing, some one, some joyfull experience that gives us happiness in the future.

    When will be the happiness ... in the future. A very imp thing to note is that "Happiness in the future is an Illusion"!

    There are people who live togather and are kilometers apart in mind and heart. There are people who are far away but are togather in heart and the life purpose they share.

    Feel one right now, we already exist in each other. Be happy Now!

    Belongingness and responsibility hold the same principles.

    Belongingness is for us to feel it with in us, So is the responsibilty ... is taken!

    As there is no limmit to the feeling of belongingness, so is there no limmit to responsibilities that u take.

    When i see dust on my hand, i clean up.... Belongingness and responsibility.
    I dont long for my hand, as it is already a part of me.

    1. Longing is for some thing that u dont have now.
    2. We are already ONE, though far in distance or near, we Belong. We already exist in one another.
    3. With the satisfied feeling of Oneness, takeup responsibility .


    Happiness is not in the objects or people. Happiness is with in us.
    Like the moon light.
    The light is actually from the sun (I) but is reflected by the moon(object).

    And yes, for us to experience joy and happiness... object is essential, which reflects our inner light.

    Object is essential for us untill we realise that the source of light or happiness is with in us.

    A realised person :

    1. AtmaRati : Revels in the Bliss with in HIM.
    2. Plays with the objects of the world. As we call krishna leela... It is a game to krishna.

    Life is not worth a cry or a grin...

    Play the game of life. Not to get stuck in an experience .. go on , go ahead, like a flowing stream of life, like the flow of pure ganges!

    Love, tickle, smile, enjoy diff roles, give joy in diff roles....

    I LOVE U !!!!!

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  10. vinay said...

    Missing all the fun there. This horrible exams

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  12. Jaimin said...

    My favorite is ...

    Raadhe ... raadhe raadhe shyaam ...

    Govinda ... gopaala ... raadhe raadhe shyaam ...

    Especially when he goes high-pitched with it ... it transports you to do a different plane ...

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  14. nimisha said...

    Its amazing how He answered me last night at a satsang!! JGD!

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  16. atmarati avirodhena said...

    jaigurudev rashmin :)
    happy new year!!!
    magnificent post :) makes you feel you re in the ashram :) :)
    lots of love

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  18. deepa said...

    jgd new posts???

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  20. Jaimin said...

    hey long time no post ...

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  22. Santhu said...

    Vikram bayya was amazing!! I really enjoyed and was happy that day !!And the energy of the whole group of around 700+ approx people dancing with sync ,that was amazing !! And i was dancing !! I never danced in my life i was a shy guy !! but the tunes which vikram bayya played were amazing and made my whole body dance !!And Ambresh was good too !!
    It was like a jugalbandhi :-)

    "Jai jai radha ramn hari om ...jai jai radha raman hair om........ "
    Jai gurudev Bayya ;-)

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  24. Bhanuja said...

    Jai gurudev Bhaiya !
    Have a great 2009 :)

    m really luking forward to Vikram g's satsang some day, hopefully the time comes soon !

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