Q: What is the importance of a "good" job in life. Good as in great brand, respectful, impressive, gives you money but you are utterly disappointed with bosses, seniors, colleagues et. al because none of them behave like humans! All of them have the three powerful 'I's in them. They are Idiots, Insensitive & Insensible. The harder, more sincerely and smartly you work, the more magnificently it gets unnoticed. FAKENESS reigns supreme in the office. You are not happy the entire 12 hours you spend in office. Knowing all this must one even think of staying on?

Have you ruled out the possibilty of becoming an entrepreneur? so that you can create jobs rather than do one? No matter what your education is, keep options open. Like we know of a guy who is a engineer but has wada pav stalls in Japan and is earning in millions! Becuase if you are spending 12 hours everyday in an office how can you expect to be happy all the time? First of all understand that is there is NOTHING called " job satisfaction". The world would have been an utterly boring place if jobs would satisfy us. You do job to earn money, food, shelter etc and for satisfaction you do Sadhna, Seva and satsang. In seva one should not care about being noticed and acknowledged but in a job you need to be ethical yet skillful. Good and talented is not enough. Be strong and skillful and learn to deal with all sorts of people. Play the game 100% while you are there and also see to it that in too much of generalising the bad you dont miss out on the good.

By the way according to me its not a good idea to spend half your life in an office. There are far more important and better things to do in life. But while you are there get them on the path.

Finally become an Art of Living teacher and spread the knowledge if you really want to be happy.


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    Sakshi Batra said...

    Thank you bhaiya.
    Jai Gurudev!

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  2. Anonymous said...

    Great answer!! thanks.

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  4. Anonymous said...

    "You do job to earn money, food, shelter etc and for satisfaction you do Sadhna, Seva and satsang." ....revelation!!!

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  6. Apu said...

    Great One

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  8. Upasna said...

    Very articulate answer.. Jai Gurudev!

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  10. Siddharth said...

    Wow : ) What a way to answer!

    Bhaiya, i also wanted the same design for my blog. But there's this problem. Whenever i download it and then upload it on blog, the entire background becomes plain minus images. Can't understand why is it happening. Can you give me the link from where you downloaded it? I would be really grateful to you : )

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  12. Priyanka said...

    the new look is very cute!

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  14. Bhanuja Sharma said...

    The other day, I was reading the wisdom blog and what Gurudev said.. as u said..First of all understand that there is NOTHING called " job satisfaction"

    Q. How should one choose a career?
    Sri Sri: Choose a career which pays you well. Don’t think a career will give you job satisfaction. For job satisfaction, you must do seva (service). For earning money choose a career. If you are doing seva you will have no dearth. Whatever is needed will come to you when you need it.

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  16. Uday said...

    Hi Rashmin,
    This is a good one. I keep reminding myself again and again that I have to quit doing a job as soon as possible or have a job that gives me the flexibility to take out time significant time for AOL.

    I have realised that I have to be a little patient and wait for the right opportunity but at the same time continue doing the best possible seva in my existing circumstances. Though I must admit that it is extremely difficult to give 12 hours a day in a job when you know that your heart and soul lies in working for the Master :)

    Jai Gurudev!

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  18. Gauri said...

    don ahes tu....to put in a short and simple way a deep thing.
    anyways enjoy your first virechana :)

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  20. vinod said...

    U have kept it very simple n it is very....profound....

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  22. Akhilesh said...

    I have been pondering about this too.. What I have realized in moments of vacant mind is that the goal in life is to drop all goals.. There is no goal. The goal as such is created only by the mind and sustained by the mind. I feel it is the process of being happy and contended in every second of my existence, with a feeling that everything is being taken care of.. Of course there are intentions to do actions, but these are not desires. So in this desire-less space, one can just relax and be carried on..
    Don't you think so ? :)

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  24. Pavan Gothe said...

    Can we get money and job satisfaction both ??

    money to help ourselves and our family to feed..

    job satisfaction for not spending 12 hrs in office :)

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