Intelligence is recognising those things in life which give us long lasting happiness and wisdom is arranging ones life around those things inspite of whatever short term discomforts one may have to go through.

Since the last two weeks I have been doing Group Sadhana with a few volunteers in baroda. On the first day I was the only one doing "group" sadhana. Now its picking up. We were five of us today. It almost felt like a crowd!

Starting your day with Suryanamaskar, PadmaSadhana, Sudarshan kriya and meditation is a very good idea. Many a times I have done all these practices in left over time. Since when you dont meditate, its very easy to fall prey to a false sense of self-importance and think as if your absence even for a few moments will create catastrophes around you. More than work doership causes stress.

Conclusions: 1. 2 hrs of sadhana everyday is a must. 2. Morning time (like 6-8) is highly preferable. 3. When you do it in a group it is even more effective.


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    Vini V said...

    Wow..The way Guruji works through. Have been doing this since last one week, today did not. And was thinking who will ask... Now I know who does....:) Me myself....
    JGD Bhaiya

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  2. Sanchit said...

    JGD bhaiya...
    really agree with you that group saadhna does make a lot of difference, to ur day and the effect it has on you! We usually did our kriya only together, and now only we started doing padmasadhna, suryanamaskar, and sahaj (just did the course!!) and have loads of new-found enthusiasm and dynamism !!!


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  4. vp said...


    Nice definition of intelligence and wisdom. After 4 years in aol, i realised that all i have to do is to be happy, ensure i do things which keeps me high on spirits. KK told me that you were missing blore. :):)

    Will talk to you in person about kks latest blooper. Its really funny and timing couldnt have been better.

  5. ... on December 10, 2009 at 2:59 PM  
  6. vinay said...

    Jai gurudev bhaiya!!!
    I love u bhaiya!!
    thank u posting wonderful knowledge...
    Bhaiya , i want to ask u a question which is related to my friend...
    One of my firnd name is Abhinav stammer a lot.
    He has done YES+ , but he still has stammering problem ..
    How can he get rid off this disease?? I heard that u also had this problem .. How did u overcome??
    one good news ..
    He wanted to be YES+ Teacher. :)
    Can he?

  7. ... on December 12, 2009 at 12:19 PM  
  8. Krishna said...

    couldn't agree wid u more bhaiya...doing padmasadhna sahaj and Kria takes one to a totally new plane altogether..

    and no time in the day can beat morning..just want to ask if i should do Padmasadhna with Sahaj or Hari Om..i m doin it wid Sahaj and find it absolutely blissful...

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  10. Bhanuja Sharma said...

    Intelligence and wisdom..never told better...

    jgd ;)

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  12. kapilsaini said...


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  14. Rashmin said...

    If you know sahaj, always do sahaj during padmasadhna.
    The only way to overcome stammering is to talk shamelessly..and also ask him to stand in front of a mirror and talk everyday for a few mts.
    and yes, if I can become a yes!+ teacher anybody can become a yes!+ teacher.

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  16. akshaya said...

    very true... more than work doership causes stress..well said:)

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