"Om shanti shanti shanti", Guruji in His sweet voice chanted and few minutes later He asked us to open our eyes.

It was amazing and for me I could really relax effortlessly only after the chant. you know why? because only when the meditation was supposed to end I naturally gave up all efforts to meditate. That is when "meditation" happened.

The biggest obstacle in meditation is the thought "I want to meditate".

Guruji explains this secret of meditation with the most apt example. He says meditating is like going for a massage. Where you do nothing. Just let the person do his/her job. In the same way when you meditate just say," I am just going to sit with my eyes closed and Guruji you meditate for me".

Giving full permission to the mind to wander is the secret of getting it back in the present moment.


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  4. Sreerag said...


    You get awesome pictures in your blog!! Its just simply amazing!


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  6. nands said...

    That is wonderful! :)

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  8. vishal said...

    jgd bhaiya ....
    tht is too gud ..
    "give total permission to mind to wander" .. its really very deep

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  10. AparnA said...

    cool :)

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  12. Blabber Guy said...

    "Giving full permission to the mind to wander is the secret of getting it back in the present moment"

    Really well said. That line itself sums up the whole post. It was an Aha moment.

    Jai Guru Dev,


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  14. Anonymous said...

    JGD! Thank you so much for posting what Guruji has said about Meditation,it helps immensly!!Keep posting what Guruji says!!Thanks again.

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  16. Priyanka said...

    such a simple thing but so effective.I kept this in mind today while meditating..actually i dint keep anything in mind and then my meditation was really good..

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  18. shilpa said...

    Thats so well written the simplicity and depth that u've shared is really v precious :)

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  20. vandana :) said...

    Thanx bhia:)
    You solved my problem:)
    you are SUPERB:)

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  22. shaloo said...

    effortless meditation...awesome!!!

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  24. vinod said...

    I too have experienced this... I felt sometimes meditation would start at the end of final chant " Ohm shanthi.."

    I Love this post....

    Jai Gurudeva

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  26. shilpa said...

    so true Rashmin and its so addictive I just love our dear dear Jeeves...

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  28. Harish World said...

    Superb one..
    Love it..

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