The last post has caused a little confusion. So I thought it would be a good idea to interpret the"punch line" the way I look at it.


Here the first "you" can be referred to the small mind. It signifies the smallness in us that creates cravings, aversions, mood swings, ego hassles etc etc. Any action performed being Under the influence of this small mind leads to more bondage and hence misery.

Once we refuse to Act under the influence of the "Small mind" and may be, just playfully observe the small mind gymnastics and let go then it slowly ceases to exist. To a certain degree we all have experienced this in our life. When the chattering of the small mind shuts down what prevails is the BIG mind. We get in touch with our true nature which results in actions which are spontaneous, intuitive and with total awareness.

The second YOU in the sentence refers to the BIG mind.

The usage of the words "want" and "like" creates the subtle distinction between acting out of a feverish desire and acting only with a good intention.

So it basically means, gain victory over the small mind and then do as "YOU" please.

Jai Gurudev

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    Love,Swapnil :-) said...

    A crystal clear explanation...It really is an explanation...I mean there are no questions after reading this post...Understood what that punch line was meaning actually.......
    Love,Jai Gurudeva :-)
    Swapnil :-)

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  2. Anand Jage said...

    Now I get it!

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  4. atmarati avirodhena said...

    aahaa :)

    got it :) :)


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  6. nirmit19 said...

    lovely thoughts ...bhaiyya

    take care

    see u soon




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  8. Mad angel said...

    exactly what I needed to hear for the situation I am in. Knowledge is such a lifejacket, coming to the rescue at the right time.

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  10. komal said...

    thank you for this rashmin bhaiya im in such a situation that the knowledge like this was needed at this time.. JGD..

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  12. shilpa said...

    Yes Rashmin Bhaiya very true,
    both my small n big mind agree with you...
    wow that how u been???

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