We all know That Shivaji Killed Afzalkhan (Sardar of Bijapur). But neither do we know about the greatness of Shivaji nor do we know much about the role of his GURU Samartha Ramdas in the success of all of Shivajis endeavours.

There was a time when Shivaji was becoming stronger and expanding his kingdom much to the irriation of Aurangazeb and Afzalkhan. There were speculations of Afzalkhan being sent to capture Shivaji. He had a huge army of hundred thousand soldiers. It was extremely important for Shivaji to know about his plans and his movements.

During that time Samartha Ramdas sent to Shivaji this beautiful poetry with a profound spiritual message and something else... I would like to know your comments on this masterpiece. A perfect message from a perfect Master to a perfect Warrior!

Rough English Translation (of course it does not sound poetic when translated into English):
1st para : Use Your discrimination while you work,
knowing that this body is going to leave you,
Do not worry about the future.

2nd para : Do not tread the path of untruth,
Always own the path of truth,
With the grace of the divine,
The greatness of the devotee will increase,

3rd Para : very difficult to literally translate. It means that the sun and the moon keep coming and going resulting into sometimes light and sometimes darkness. I guess its somewhat like Opposite values are complimentary.

4th para : The Mother divine is Goddess bhavani,
The Lord of the Universe,
Just be in silence and with discrimination,
Make a good plan.

Now comes the surprise. If you form a sentence with only the first Alphabet of the first word of every line of the original marathi poem, this is what you get:

The Sardar of Bijapur is on his way.


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    apu said...

    pure mastery!

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  6. Harshal said...

    Why don't they ever put this kind of interesting stuff in our history books!!

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  8. Abhay Karnataki said...

    This is sheer genius, brilliance, everything!!

  9. ... on May 22, 2009 at 3:15 PM  
  10. Tarun Weekly! said...

    Its like getting the thrill of "National Treasures" all over again.

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  12. URMILA said...


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  14. sunil said...

    sheer genius ... good one rashmin

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  16. shilpa said...

    too much.....mayb u shuld come up with a hidden message poem fr us n gift the one who deciphers it first, what say????

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