7/11 2006: Mumbai Train Blasts. 209 Killed.
25/8 2007: Hyderbad Blasts: 42 Killed
Oct 11 2007: Ajmer Blasts : 2 Killed
May 13 2008: Jaipur Blasts : 68 Killed
July 16th 2008: Ahmedabad Blasts : 57 Killed
July 25th 2008: Banglaore Blasts: 1 killed
Sept 13th 2008: Delhi Blasts: 26 Killed
Sept 27th 2008: Delhi Blasts: 2 Killed
Sept 29th 2008 : Gujrat Blasts : 1 killed
Oct 21st 2008: Imphal Blasts : 17 Killed
Oct 30th 2008: Assam Blasts : 40 Killed
Nov 26th 2008: Mumbai Attack: 180 killed

Did you know that on the day of the Mumbai train blasts, the Government gave Rs 150 crores for earthquake relief in Pakistan ? Last year our Govt. has given Rs 3000 crores (600 Million Dollars) to Afghanistan? This, when victims of terror in India have not yet got aid? What’s going on?

2) Our Government has given 25 lakh scholarships ONLY to minority students..
What sin have the majority done not to deserve these?
Why cannot poor students of all communities be given scholarships instead of only Muslim children?

3) Thanks to the Congress led Government, out of 36000 temples in Andhra Pradesh, 28000 have closed down in the last five years. Do you want the same trend to continue in other parts of the country? Do you want a Nagaland type of situation in the whole of India? While government controls most of the Hindu temples, the minority community has had full freedom to organize their religious bodies.. The minority communities now have the first right over resources. Is this not a blatant violation of fundamental rights of the majority community?

4) Why have the minorities in Nagaland, Mizoram & Kashmir not got the similar privileges like the minorities in other states? Why is the Govt following different rules for different religions?

What are all the minorities doing? Are they objecting to these divisional politics of the current Govt? Forget about them, do our pseudo secular Indians even have the guts to raise these issues or are they so bothered about hurting the sentiments of the " minorities"?

I am sure none of these secular Indians have had close ones who lost their lives because of the madness of a few Islamic fundamentalist (terrorist).I am sure they have no idea what is happening in North East where villages are being burnt over night and within few hours one can see Pakistani flags hoisted.

Whats going on?

Is this secularism or just plain cowardice? We find great comfort in hiding behind beautiful concepts. If we really wish for peace in the world we need to have the courage to stand up against Adharma. Krishna did exactly that 5000 years ago. At that time the pandavas had to wage a outright War against their own family members. Was that decision adhering to the idea of "one world Family"?? Yes it was. Because Even if one person in the family is doing injustice everyone else has to unite and stand up against it. Only then one can call it a "family". Only then peace can prevail.

History repeats itself. I was wondering why Guruji has to speak about the Govts pro-minority approach. HE does because it needs to be done.


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    hmmmm said...
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  1. ... on March 31, 2009 at 6:21 PM  
  2. hmmmm said...

    Very apt. I believe we must take some strong valid action at this moment. But what else can we do other than voting?
    Are you suggesting that Islamic teachings are delusional and need to be eliminated?

  3. ... on March 31, 2009 at 6:27 PM  
  4. iyer-the-gr8 said...

    Now - this is much better. Totally agree with you on the politicization of religion and caste by scrupulous people and using that as a tool to further their gains by borrowing on the aspirations of the youth. The fire is needed to bring about a change in thinking across the board including the political arena. Secularism does not mean ignoring one religion for the benfit of the other, but having pride in one's own religion and also honoring others. Not one at the expense of the other.

    This fire is definitely needed and this post goes a long way in bringing it up. But note that this is a fire to bring about a change in policy and not to kindle hatred against anyone.

  5. ... on March 31, 2009 at 8:07 PM  
  6. shilpa said...

    Well written and finaly I guess its a battle between Dharma and Adhrama not between relegions n I pray people get it right....

  7. ... on May 10, 2009 at 10:15 AM