Art of Living Teachers should not speak about religion because it does not suit them. Are Islamic teachings delusive? Will Muslims stand up against anyone speaking against their "Hindu Brothers". What do you mean by strong secular Hindu?

Art of "Living" includes every aspect of Life. Teachers should not just speak but do whatever they can to spread the truth. It has to be done and it has to be done only by the Art of Living. There doesnt seem to be any other hope. We do not do what others think would suit us. We do what needs to be done.

Are Islamic Teachings delusive? do your research and let me know.

Muslims will stand up for their Hindu Brothers.

Lets talk with evidence. After all the terror attacks in India how many Muslims organisations raised their voice against Islamic Fundamentalism. How many Muslim organisations preach about the omnipresence of the divine. How many of them are actively working against the absolutely brainless concept of Jehad that is responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people all over the world. Do they talk about religious equality and that one should have respect for all religious traditions? How many of them appreciate and applaud the infinite compassion and tolerance exhibited by Indians towards all the other religions in the world including Islam.

By the way if you say you are secular You mean you do not belong to any religion. You say you are a hindu, that too a strong one and then you say you are secular. Please refer to a good dictionary.


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    anu.. said...

    i am so ammazed to see how teachers like you can go on to ignore guruji's message, who gives you the authority to comment upon a religion and decide if its teachings are delusive or not.
    what do you mean to say??? that you cannot appreciate your religion unless and until you are critical of other religions, please for god sake stop destroying what guruji has built so lovingly in past 28 years.You ask us to do our research, please go and do your research, how can you ignore how guruji after gujarat riots distributed pamphlets of how islam and hinduism are similar to each other. i am sorry to say but all your observations totally ignore the various references made by guruji time and again to different religions and their relevance. how can you confine his message to the narrow boundaries of religion??? what gives you the authority to say that a person is not ellegible for the course just because he is not a hindu

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  2. Anurag said...

    Dear Rashmin
    One of your best posts so far! Crisp, clear & brilliant!

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  4. Jitesh Vaswani said...

    Jai gurudev!! bhaiya There is a movie called "Khuda ke liye"..please watch it...There are good muslims too...and believe never in this world a religion's teachings are bad..Its only a few who mislead others to so such crap things...they use knowledge to make others do the dirty lease don't go on about muslims being bad...there are cool muslims too...JUST THINK ABOUT IT...and do watch this movie..and its a pakistani movie...very famous in india too...
    Jai gurudev!!!!!

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  6. Sweta said...

    Yes ...i Belive this..

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  8. Anonymous said...

    hi rashmin jai gurudeva
    who is that idiot who sent u a comment , definitely i think he was pissed off when he saw the stats given by u, the problem with these so called minorities and so called sudo secularists and intellectuals is that ,any thing spoken against the hindu community s fine but any thing against the minorities it pricks them!! its like we being from this country has to take permission to do things here!! first these types of idiots should be kicked out of this country, SHAME ON THESE SO CALLED SECULARISTS AND INTELLECTUALS, HAVING EEVRY THING WE STILL HAS TO BEG !! U SECULARISTS ARE LIKE TAIL WAGING DOGS,GUTLESS,BONELESS,NERVELESS IDIOTS PITY IS THAT THEY ARE BORN IN HINDU COMMUNITY!! GO HANG URSELVES SOME WHERE U ODIOTS U PPL ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS COUNTRY!! RASHMIN THIS IS MY REPL , TO UR RECENT POST, JUST READING THROUGH IT I UNDERSTOOD SOME SECULAR IDIOT IS DOING THIS

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  10. Random Reflections said...

    Way to go Rashmin ! Guruji has said in some tape : Walking this path takes courage. Being politically correct and pseudo-secular is easy. Standing up for whats right is tough and takes tremendous courage.


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  12. hmmmm said...

    OK just tell us one thing- What is the message you want to give to the Muslims in Art of Living or volunteers??

  13. ... on April 9, 2009 at 10:17 PM  
  14. hmmmm said...

    I'm sure you dont want us to hate Muslims. But all your posts portray Muslims as a pest like menace plaguing India.

  15. ... on April 9, 2009 at 10:22 PM  
  16. Anonymous said...

    Pls understand the message from Rashmin rather than playing with the words...
    He is never against Muslims, But what he is communicating here is the ignorance of a section of Majority community and about Pseudo Secularists and politically correct people who are destroying the country and the beautiful spiritual knowledge. His points like 'How many times have you seen any Muslim organisations speak against Jihad' is very valid..If you do not understand the issues completely , pls understand it, before firing such comments in the blogs..pls take responsibility and always do not try to be "Politically Correct".

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  18. vp said...

    hmm nice post rashmin, to answer to the comments made by hmmm, Artofliving will never be against muslims, or hindus or christians...its a pro humane organization and teachers will not favour a particular religion.

    but as people who meditate, take responsiblity and are aware of the nonsense done by the psuedo secular mindset, just a bit of education is being done to get the indianism inside us to wake up. Never in any of the posts is it mentioned that muslims/ christians are bad, of course u have a choice of interpreting it like that. Tolerance is an integral part of our culture, but only hindus seem to display it. By we i mean the vast majority of the hindu ( including jain, sikh, buddism etc ) junta prefer to remain silent.

    If madrasas can be given CBSE status, why not ask for our patshalas, ved vignan vidya peeths, kanchi mutts to be given the same.

    See one babri majid in ayodhya, the entire country is talking, fighting about it for years... 28000 temples closed in andhra nobody even knows about know about it now.. what are you going to do about it. Media chooses to conveniently ignore it...

    Look if we really hated muslims, would we be going to iraq, iran and working.....

    The same guru who discarded all matters of security and concern went to iraq and worked for the betterment of the people there, he has said the current govt should be changed. All we are doing is offering facts as to why....

    Rashmin, should include a course point :( Art of Reading and interpretation) :)

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  20. hmmmm said...

    I know Art of living will do no such thing. the point is why cant rashmin be clear. there are n number of interpretations for the posts. I can assume that he's making us aware but is he taking responsibility of the people but is that what he really means. And you have assumed that he's indicating us to change the government-he hasn't mentioned that himself anywhere. and all you people who support rashmin like VP- you can't be his spokesperson. There are people who can take it in a negative way. what has he done for that. this situation is very similar to the misunderstood concept of jihad. what's the difference then. Here's Vikram hazra's views- I like it it gives me a clear picture. all rashmin is doing is putting across emotional outrage- at least it looks like that, which is not a very good idea. he hasn't made the point that muslims need to be educated or any other actions. hence it can be misinterpreted. here's what i believe -
    @ Rashmin it's time you told us what you actually want. you've just put down the facts till now, where are you heading to????

  21. ... on April 10, 2009 at 3:12 PM  
  22. hmmmm said...

    Ok now a lot of facts are being tossed around but i dont find any source of them. If you go to google and check out you'll find its they have the same words everyone has put its just a spam mail. I get spams related to these-it give no proof except some photos which are not conclusive. you dont even know if they were taken in India. Who is taking the responsibility of these facts. they just promote hatred among people. has anyone thought that these facts might be put across by the hindu fundamentalists.

  23. ... on April 10, 2009 at 3:18 PM  
  24. nizam said...

    i hope you remember me...!

    it is not true that muslims don't want to raise against terror and wrong concept of jihad..!

    actually it is much serious issue for muslim rather than any other religion..! it is crating misconcepts about islam n muslims...

    ready to take action... waiting for direction...!

  25. ... on April 29, 2009 at 6:03 PM