Millions of fleeting thoughts, unceasing waves of ever changing emotions, Notions, concepts.

Why the hell should I care? Watch, smile, Laugh and ignore. Whats the point of running after a deluded state of happiness?

Everything is changing. How does it matter?

I call this the ultimate decision. Just look at this mind as an object of absolute entertainment.


The Mind is the toy of the absolute - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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    Vashishta said...

    "Even if one engages oneself in every other sort of spiritual endeavour, even if one has the gods themselves as one's teachers, and even if one were in heaven or any other region, liberation is not had except through the cessation of all notions. The real, the unreal and the admixture of these two are all but notions and naught else; and notions themselves are neither real nor unreal. What then shall we call real in this universe? Hence, my son, give up these notions, thoughts and intentions. When they cease, the mind naturally turns to what is truly beyond the mind -- the infinite consciousness." --Daashoora

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  2. iyer-the-gr8 said...

    Brilliance - thy form is Gurudev! ... :)

    Jai Gurudev!

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  4. Dinesh said...

    I agree rashmin what you have said is knowledge but all the knowledge you can't apply at all the places. if your mind is so bugged by all the thoughts emotions and notions floating around then definitely its a good knowledge to get your mind to centers but if you are like arjuna standing in kurkshetra then definitely krishna is not going to tell you this HE will tell you drop your all emotional ruts and bring up your Gandeev and fight :)

    Jai gurudeva

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  6. Saleel Pulekar said...

    So true Rashmin, over and over again we have experienced that emotions deceive us and yet we attach importance to them!? I guess we need to conciously practice the 'Who cares ?' attitude. Like the Yoga Vasistha says, trivialise your mind.

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  8. Mad angel said...

    I am so absolutely baffled by life and its contradictions. Especially when I feel i have understood something, the next moment I am proved wrong. Assisting the couse this time in blore with you felt like I was doing the YES!+ course for the first time. Thank you for infusing the delighful 'rashmin' flavour to guruji's knowledge.

  9. ... on April 15, 2009 at 5:47 PM  
  10. Dinesh said...

    dear rashmin

    i was expecting a response from you for my response but anyway let me put straight, i was just wonder in wat context you have written this post. becoz the timing of this post doesnt seems to be good as it seems like diluting the impact of force perhapes gurudev wants to creates that is vote for change... I totally disagree with you that when your house is set on fire "who cares attitude" will work as knowledge... and I think as a YES+ teacher you are the model for so many youth who look up to you and seek inspiration from what you do what you think.. ponder upon what I am writing... :)

    Jai gurudev

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  12. Rashmin said...

    this post is in the context of dealing with the mind. Only when we give over importance to the mind we fail to perform effective action. the who cares attitude is NOT towards a particular situation but only towards fleeting thoughts and emotions.. Please read the First line again. I think the context is quite obvious.

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